Unlock is a toolkit for the creative sector to take measurable action against racism

Unlock gives arts organisations practical steps to take anti-racist action


Unlock offers a practical step-by-step process to think about what anti-racist action you can take in your workplace. With over 100 actions that will help creative work places become more inclusive, it invites you to read through suggestions, and choose what you can do, and when you will do it.​

Inc Arts Unlock is the result of the anti-racism conference Speak-Listen-Reset-Heal that took place in autumn of 2020.

It is based on suggestions for change made by those with lived experience of racism in the arts.

Unlock is a starting point for you to make inclusive change. Through committing to Unlock, you will help the sector take a united and coherent approach to change that we can all see and measure. The process is entirely confidential: at the heart of the Unlock toolkit is a commitment to give everyone equal treatment through trust, confidence, dignity and respect.

Inc Arts Unlock is for: Dance companies, Independent Producers, Museums, Regional theatres, Collections and archives, Visual Arts spaces, Receiving Houses, Festivals and Outdoor arts, Crafts organisations – and more…

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