Trip to the Sea, a field recording along the North Devon coastline. 

Supported by Arts Council funding, Red Herring Productions have developed a ‘Trip to the Sea’, a field recording of a walk along part of the North Devon coastline.



Looking for 10 minutes of peace and quiet? Or to remember some happy memories of holidays by the sea? Get a comfy chair, an eye mask ready and pair of headphones ready. Connect to the audio on soundcloud (you’ll need internet connection), press play and sit back. You’ll be projected into an open landscape – the skylarks are busy and the wind is up. Footsteps take you along the edge of the beach and down to towards the sea and your dreams.

Over the coming months, using mainly Facebook, Red Herring Productions plan to share two outdoor audio sensory recordings, the first of these experiences will be a Trip to the Sea.  They will share the soundscape (audio download) as a stand alone experience.

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If you enjoy this audio experience, you may wish to offer a more immersive experience to a friend or family member. Therefore Red Herring Productions have also created a How to Video and How to Guide for people to create their own touch tour experience using found items at home for their family or partner. The idea being that people can listen to the audio at home or on their way to work.  Or if they’re interested they can actively take part by creating their own home based touch tour experience.

Red Herring Productions touch tour (multi-sensory) experience to accompany the audio recording has been developed with input from a visually impaired group and Bideford Link Services (Mental Health Service).  They also delivered the touch tour experience in various public locations including Barnstaple High Street and Banish the Blues, a North Devon event promoting social prescribing.  Listening to either the audio download as a stand alone experience or experiencing the touch tour version, was very well received by a wide range of people, both members of the public and health & wellbeing sector professionals.

Red Herring Productions audio download or the touch tour experience offer home based options to experience the coast, particularly for those who may not be able to easily visit. So enjoy a Trip to the Sea!

Based in Bideford, North Devon, Red Herring Productions are an outdoor arts company making accessible, fun and unique work.

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Listen to either the audio download as a stand alone experience or create your own touch tour experience.


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