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Text, slides and more from our October 2019 Webinars with Public Health England South West, ‘Creativity at the heart of human flourishing: How can the arts help reduce loneliness?’

Webinar 1

In Webinar 1, Alex Coulter (Director, Arts & Health South West) Jayne Howard (Director of Arts Well CIC) and Martin R White (Health and Wellbeing Manager, Public Health England South West) outlined the policy context and evidential basis of loneliness and social isolation: its prevalence and relationship with mental health and wellbeing. They also looked at the evidence for arts based interventions and the potential for community assets in mitigating the impact of loneliness.

Introduction to Webinar 1:

Mental Health Webinar_Loneliness and the Arts


Text from Webinar 1:

Loneliness Webinar 1 Text Alex Coulter

Loneliness Webinar 1 Text Jayne Howard


Webinar 2

In webinar 2, Alex and Martin described the gaps in the evidence base; briefly examined the barriers and opportunities for effective practice and collaboration and reviewed examples of good practice and the role of social prescribing.

Introduction to Webinar 2:

Loneliness Webinar and the Arts part 2


Webinar 2 text:

Loneliness Webinar 2 Text

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