Be Reflective: Questions and Resources for Quality Arts & Health Work

Be Reflective is a West Midlands Art Health & Wellbeing resource that creates a framework to reflect on quality through all stages of arts and health projects.


Taking you through a thoughtful step-by-step process, Be Reflective poses a set of questions to consider when developing an arts and health project. It will support you to achieve quality at each stage of a project, from commissioning through to the end product.


“I think it’s always helpful to discuss and question what we are doing as practitioners and question what we mean by quality.”

Cathie Powell-Davies, visual artist


Be Reflective is a tool aimed at helping experienced artists to develop strategies for achieving quality in arts and health projects. Whether you are new or established in the field, Be Reflective offers a fresh perspective on your arts and health work and how it can function alongside your arts practice.

What this Toolkit Offers:

Be Reflective will help you understand and articulate your practice in a health and wellbeing context, develop and talk about your arts ideas and keep the health and wellbeing outcomes on track.

Be Reflective will help you to describe your practice in a way that will be effective and useful in a healthcare setting. By working through a series of questions, ideas and structures, Be Reflective will support you to transfer the strength and creativity of your artistic practice into the development of an arts and health project.

Be Reflective is based on a framework developed by Francois Matarassowho suggests that a successful arts project has 5 stages: conception, contraction, working process, creation and completion.

Be Reflective is a result of a collaboration between The Cultural Sisters, bITjAM and Creative Health. We would like to thank over 400 artists from across the West Midlands, whose conversations have helped to shape this resource.

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This toolkit is accessed as a step-by step process that the user is guided through, on the Be Reflective website. Click the button to be redirected and to get started.


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