Arts Council England Delivery Plan 2021-24

Sharing their full Delivery Plan for 2021-24, ACE sets out how they’ll work with their partners, the government and beyond to support the sector in addressing the challenges ahead.

The ACE’s Delivery Plan gives more detail about the funding and development programmes that will be available to people and organisations over the next three years.

If you plan to apply to ACE for funding in the future, you’ll need to demonstrate how you’re embedding their Investment Principles in your work or organisation.

The Investment Principles were introduced in Let’s Create, and they are: Ambition & Quality; Dynamism; Environmental Responsibility; and Inclusivity & Relevance. They’re designed to support the cultural and creative sector to be the best that it can be; and to support the development of well-run, future facing organisations and individual creative practice.

ACE plans to share more information about how this will work, and around specific funding programmes soon. In the meantime take a look at the resource hub they’re developing to help you embed the Investment Principles in your work. Also read Darren Henley’s (ACE’s CEO) latest Blog introducing the Delivery Plan 2021-24 HERE

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