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Other Resources 14 June 2022

Thriving Communities Webinars

Catch up and find out more details about the National Academy of Social Prescribing Thriving Communities Webinar Series,  a series which explores the role social prescribing can play in supporting health and wellbeing.

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The Social Prescribing Show 2022 Banner Image
Other Resources 11 May 2022

Watch the full Social Prescribing Show

The National Academy for Social Prescribing held a show at the Southbank Centre as part of social prescribing week from 4-11 March.  The Show explored a wide range of initiatives, spotlighting the impact social prescribing is having on communities and on our healthcare networks. There were panels on the importance of supporting link workers and discussions around the ways in which we can all enhance the power of community stories. You can now watch the whole event online.

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London Arts and Health
Other Resources 11 May 2022

Social Prescribing Mythbuster: Second edition

London Arts & Health have launched a second edition of their Mythbuster, with the Greater London Authority. The guide is designed to dispel some of the myths surrounding social prescribing in the arts and cultural sector, essential reading if you’re working with creativity or culture and want to understand more about social prescribing.

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Recommendations from a review, interviews and a questionnaire
Research 21 March 2022

How can the cultural sector support older people’s well-being as part of social prescribing?

Tierney S, Mahtani KR, Wong G, Turk A, Gorenberg J, Libert S, Shaw L, Webster E, McDougall B, Warburton H, Potter C, Eccles K, ...

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Evidence Briefing image of person painting
Research 21 March 2022

What does the evidence tell us about accessibility of social prescribing schemes in England to people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds?

Tierney S, Cartwright L, Akinyemi O, Carder-Gilbert H, Burns L, Dayson C, Chatterjee H. . (2022). ‘What does the evidence tell us about accessibility ...

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Singing and Social Prescribing Resource Image
Toolkits and Guidance 8 November 2021

Social Prescribing to choirs and singing groups

 The Singing for Health Network have developed a number of free resources to support singing and social prescribing.

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Zoom still showing Yvette Staelens inside the Stonehenge stone circle sharing a piece of Bluestone
Evaluation 13 September 2021

Learning from Human Henge Online, a remote test and learn project

Human Henge Online is a test and learn project exploring remote online engagement with Stonehenge during COVID-19. The project delivered by the Restoration Trust ...

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Research 7 October 2020

The Heritage Alliance’s new Health and Wellbeing report

This report demonstrates the positive impact heritage can have on individual and community wellbeing.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Research 6 July 2020

Tracking momentary experience in the evaluation of arts-on-prescription services: using mood changes during art workshops to predict global wellbeing change

Research on arts-on-prescription in the South West of England. Published on 22 May 2020 by Dr Nicola J. Holt, Senior Lecturer, Department of Health ...

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people sit on chairs at a conference taking notes
Other Resources 12 September 2019

Report: International Social Prescribing Network Conference July 2019

by Emily Foulkes (Director of Cymaz Music and Singing for Health Practitioner/Researcher)

On 11th and 12th July 2019, the University of Westminster hosted the 2nd International Social Prescribing conference which attracted delegates from more than 13 countries. Attendees were a broad mix of Healthcare professionals, Social Prescribing Link Workers and Managers and organisations/practitioners involved in providing community or complementary activities. The Social Prescribing Network exists to share knowledge and best practice, to support Social Prescribing at a local and national level and to inform good quality research and evaluation. It is supporting the setting up of regional Social Prescribing Networks across England.

This report covers some of the key presentations and then reflects on key themes and headlines from across the conference.

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