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Toolkits and Guidance 8 November 2021

Social Prescribing to choirs and singing groups

 The Singing for Health Network have developed a number of free resources to support singing and social prescribing.

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Research 18 November 2019

Music and Health: A Review of Research and Practice

A research paper commissioned by Voluntary Arts and produced by Nick Ewbank Associates for BBC Music Day 2019. The paper covers dimensions of Music ...

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A group of people sitting in a room doing a music workshop, clapping their hands
Other Resources 11 July 2019

Sound Sense

Sound Sense is the UK development agency for community music.

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A man sings and dances with an older lady in a wheelchair, in a care home
Evaluation 10 July 2019

Live Music in Care Homes Report 2018

A report resulting from a survey of the many creative ways that older people engage with music, and explored why the majority of care ...

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An open music book with a red cover, displaying sheet music
Evaluation 10 July 2019

A controlled evaluation of the health benefits of a participative community singing programme for older people

A report has been published from the world's first randomised control trial on singing and older people (2012)

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An older person's hands playing a tambourine
Evaluation 10 July 2019

Soundbite: Hospital Notes: Arts at the Heart of the Royal United Hospital

A programme of high quality musical workshops for patients on one of the Older People’s Unit (OPU), Combe Ward, planned and delivered by Musician ...

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An older lady wearing a head scarf smiles while musicians nearby play music
Toolkits and Guidance 5 July 2019

Toolkits for Care Homes and Musicians

Two toolkits created by A Choir In Every Care Home.

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A group of violinists play music in a hospital waiting room
Toolkits and Guidance 4 July 2019

Performing Arts Toolkit

A toolkit by  the University of Florida Centre for Arts in Medicine.

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A musician and a staff member sing to a lady in a hospital bed
Toolkits and Guidance 4 July 2019

Music in Emergency and Trauma Care Toolkit

A toolkit by  the University of Florida Centre for Arts in Medicine.

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Close up of a person's hands playing the piano
Research 4 July 2019

Playing a Musical Instrument as a Protective Factor against Dementia and Cognitive Impairment: A Population-Based Twin Study

Increasing evidence supports that playing a musical instrument may benefit cognitive development and health at young ages. Whether playing an instrument provides protection against ...

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