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Illustration of 6 people looking at different museum items
Other Resources 11 July 2019

UCL Museum Wellbeing Measures

Prototypes were trialled and developed with museums and galleries across the UK for their in-house and outreach activities with 250 participants over 12 months prior to production of the finished UCL Museum Wellbeing Measures Toolkit. The booklet version of the Toolkit contains additional information about the background to the study, the research and advice on how to analyse the data.

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A group of people standing on the steps of Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery, holding up artwork they have made
Case Studies 28 June 2019

Arts and Minds at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Creative opportunities for isolated people living with mild to moderate dementia and their carers making extensive use of arts and heritage collections.

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A museum attendant and an older man point at a painting in a museum and talk about it
Case Studies 27 June 2019

Royal Albert Memorial Museum: RAMM’s Wellbeing Programme

The wellbeing programme was designed to help people make the most of life, regardless of the challenges they were facing. During 2015, RAMM worked ...

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