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Girl dancing
Research 12 May 2021

Understanding the impact of an intergenerational arts and health project: a study into the psychological well-being of participants, carers and artists

L.K.Jenkins and I.J.Aujla, School of Media and Performance, University of Bedfordshire, Bedford, UK. R.Farrer, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry University, Coventry, UK. ...

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Research 5 March 2020

On Diversity and Creative Ageing (Report)

This publication by the Baring Foundation celebrates a selection of projects that have brought arts and creativity to under-served older communities.

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Research 4 December 2019

Older and Wiser? Creative ageing 2010-2019

Commissioned by the Baring Foundation and researched by Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Older and Wiser? Creative ageing 2010-2019 reviews the development of the creative ageing ...

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A man sings and dances with an older lady in a wheelchair, in a care home
Evaluation 10 July 2019

Live Music in Care Homes Report 2018

A report resulting from a survey of the many creative ways that older people engage with music, and explored why the majority of care ...

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Close up of a person's hands playing the piano
Research 4 July 2019

Playing a Musical Instrument as a Protective Factor against Dementia and Cognitive Impairment: A Population-Based Twin Study

Increasing evidence supports that playing a musical instrument may benefit cognitive development and health at young ages. Whether playing an instrument provides protection against ...

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A still from the a film, of a girl in a pink coat holding a picture frame to her chest, with an image of her grandma's face in the clouds behind her
Case Studies 3 July 2019

Grandma Remember Me?

A play which demonstrates the effects of Alzheimer's Disease on the family.

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Two ladies singing with expressive hand movements
Case Studies 3 July 2019

Dementia Notes

Coda Music Trust activities programme addressing the well-being of older people in care in Bournemouth and Poole.

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An outdoor area at St Marys Hospital, Isle of Wight, with a raised flowerbed and art on the walls
Case Studies 3 July 2019

Four Seasons Garden

A garden designed to create a safe outdoor space for patients with dementia at St Mary's Hospital, Newport, IoW.

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A photograph of a rocky surface on a beach, with some water in the gaps reflecting the sky
Case Studies 3 July 2019

Talent Reborn

A man with early onset dementia is guided and supported to re-engage with photography and regain self-esteem.

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A garden in hospital grounds with grass, flowerbeds, benches, a phone box and a letter box
Case Studies 1 July 2019

The Devon Garden

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS FT project to improve the care environment for people living with dementia.

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