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Image: Debra Baker
Buterfly - Image: Rachel Scott
Self Portrait - Image: Jo

Creative Wellbeing

Cognivity Coaching CIC project to promote self-discovery, reduce stigma and empower people with moderate to extreme mental health needs.

Name of organisation:
Cognivity Coaching CIC

Title of project/programme:
Creative Wellbeing

Dates of project/programme:
2014 (November 2010-2015)

The Creative Wellbeing/Development programme aims to promote self-discovery, reduce stigma, as well as support and empower people with moderate to extreme mental health needs in their use of the arts as an aid for recovery. One could argue, creativity forms a fundamental aspect of our development as human beings. This project demonstrates that, if given time, encouragement and space to explore creatively an individual develops confidence, self-esteem, independence and new skills, which in turn transcends into self-care, better relationships, communication and vision for the future. Additionally, by engaging creatively without pressure, timescales and parameters, individuals reap benefits; both tangible and intangible impacting significantly on their wellbeing. We offer artists, designers and makers a safe, progressive, creative arena for making art, serving as an important therapeutic tool on the often turbulent road to recovery. This programme continues to succeed in its aims; growing not only in numbers but experience, knowledge and understanding of those living and most importantly developing despite their mental illness. We hold exhibitions, go on visits and use social media to interact with fellow artists. Established group members now have their own goals and vision for future developments, including delivering their own workshops, sharing skills and reaching out into the community as artists.


Full case study currently being updated (Nov 2016)


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