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What Next? Dorset Group

What Next? Dorset is a space to share, debate and take action on issues facing the local and national culture sector.

Open to everyone working in and connected to the creative and culture sector in Dorset. What Next? Dorset is a space to share, debate and take action on issues facing the local and national culture sector.

They welcome freelancers, cultural staff members, local authority officers, educators and beyond! Through inclusive discussion and openly sharing knowledge, skills and experiences they look to find creative ways to enable the cultural sector in Dorset to demonstrate best practise, maximise its impact and influence change at a local, regional and national level.

What Next? Dorset are part of the National What Next? movement and there are 30 chapters over the country!

The What Next? Vision
Arts and Culture play a vital role in creating a more equitable society.

This will be achieved when:

  • All people have access to arts and culture, and the sector reflects the full diversity of our communities
  • The arts and culture sector takes greater ownership of its public sector role, improving quality of life for all

The What Next? Values

  • Democracy: creating models for open and purposeful conversation
  • Equity: creating conditions for a more equitable movement and society
  • Leadership: building the conditions for everyone in our movement to make change
  • Creativity: embedding and celebrating creativity across our movement
  • Generosity: sharing our skills, expertise and resources with each other
  • Trust: building relationships and a more resilient sector The What Next? Dorset Theme

What Next? Dorset’s theme and guiding light, is Solidarity. As a group, they have 4 aims, each of which they believe is totally dependent on the others.

  • To support one another through these challenging and unstable times
  • To build a better understanding amongst ourselves of the breadth and diversity of the Arts & Culture Sector in Dorset, and the interdependencies between us
  • Begin to build on the vision, and manifesto, for Arts & Culture in Dorset and the role we can play in supporting the wider ecology in Dorset – and indeed the wider South West
  • Identify what we collectively want to fight for in the coming months, at local level alongside our friends in local government and at national level in the upcoming spending round

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