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The Baring Foundation Survey

Survey for arts coordinators in NHS mental health trusts in England

The Baring Foundation is looking at how they might support arts and creativity in NHS mental health trusts/settings in England in the future, starting with a basic survey to find out about who’s doing what, where and building a list of arts leads/coordinators.

If you work in a mental health trust or service as an arts lead or arts coordinators they will be grateful if you could fill in this form

(Please note that this survey is for arts and (mental) health rather than creative arts therapies.)

The Baring Foundation is an independent grant-giving foundation which supports arts and mental health. They hope to use the results of this survey to bring more attention and resources to the role of arts in mental health care.

It should only take 5 minutes of your time, and the Foundation is offering a prize of £100 each to two organisations who complete it, randomly picked out of a hat!

Deadline for this survey: 18 February 2022



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