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Nature-based Practice Training

Circle of Life Rediscovery Nature-based practice training is relevant for anyone who wants to gain the confidence and competence in working with groups in a range of outdoor settings.

Considering applying nature-based practice to learning and therapeutic settings, so that you can promote the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities, but not sure where to start?

Nature-based practice training offers a therapeutic nature-based model that meets a clients’ whole health: their mind, body, social and environmental relationships.

This experiential training supported by online materials and webinars, brings together best practice and theory from nature connection, forest skills, eco-psychology, embodiment, resilience, mental health and neuroscience to enable working with individuals and groups of all ages.

This course is hosted by Circle of Life Rediscovery (CLR) and run by recognised experienced practitioners. It is Health and Safety, and insurance compliant.

Who is nature-based practice training for?

Nature-based practice training is ideally suited to professionals that support children, young people and adults in their care.

In particular, practitioners who want to overcome barriers and get confidence and skills to adapt services to include natural urban and rural settings where appropriate.

Most importantly, professionals who want to reap the therapeutic benefits of a healthy relationship with nature both as a practitioner and for  clients/learners.

Also, the positive effect nature has on mental health and working with stressed behaviour.

The pandemic has led many to accept Green social prescribing, interventions and greencare programmes as a pathway to health and wellbeing.

CLR and their trainers deliver the breadth of experience across educational and therapeutic nature-based programmes.

They aim to be as inclusive as possible. The tools and techniques will equip you with the confidence and competence to add nature-practice to work.

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