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Mindful Photography Training for Professional Practitioners

Diversify and develop an extra income stream by offering accessible and practical online and in-person mindful photography workshops and courses that improve the mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Look Again’s first training programme was launched in June. 15 mental health, wellbeing and arts practitioners from the USA, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and all over the UK, have now almost completed the 7 module programme.

The next programme starts on 21 October 2021.

Why do the programme?

We live in a time of uncertainty. People are finding it increasingly hard to stay mentally well and emotionally resilient. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, grief, isolation, loneliness, depression and burnout are common experiences.

The Mindful Photography Training for Professional Practitioners Programme will benefit your own wellbeing, as well as enabling you as a practitioner to diversify and develop an extra income stream for your practice or organisation through support for others. You will learn the tools to offer accessible and practical online and in-person mindful photography workshops and courses that improve the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of your clients by helping them to:

  • Stay calm and mentally well
  • Maintain a positive mindset
  • Remain focused, motivated and engaged
  • Creatively connect with themselves, others and nature
  • Deal with fear and anxiety around uncertainty and change
  • Build resilience and become more adaptable

What will you achieve by the end of the programme?

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • The confidence and skills to incorporate mindful photography within your professional practice and make an authentic offering to the people that you work with.
  • The know-how for developing an extra income stream or raising additional funding to enhance the financial sustainability of your professional practice or organisation.
  • Access to an international group of mindful photography practitioners that you can continue to connect and share with.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for people who are either self-employed practitioners or who work for small non-profit organisations. It is for people who intend to deliver mindful photography to their clients or service users in community settings. For example:

  • Health, wellbeing and mental health professionals
  • Coaches, mentors, psychologists, therapists and counsellors (including art, photo and eco therapists), mindfulness practitioners, social workers, forest bathing guides
  • School teachers and other educators (including museums, arts and culture)
  • Socially engaged artists and photographers

How is the programme delivered?

The programme starts on with a practical introductory Look Again Mindful Photography session, followed by 7 live taught Modules and 7 live Group Review Sessions that run over 8 weeks. The programme also includes a 1-2-1 consultancy session.

The programme is delivered by two highly experienced facilitators, Ruth Davey and Alistair Kelly, in a creative, accessible, and participatory way, using Zoom and an online teaching platform.

The programme is delivered in line with Look Again’s key values of simplicity, integrity and courage.

The programme includes:

  • Teaching of the Look Again methodology, framework and facilitation process.
  • Theory, research and case studies.
  • Written materials
  • Group review sessions for creative conversations and learning.
  • References, further reading and other related resources.
  • A shared space for personal and professional reflection.
  • Engaging creative assignments and home practice that put your learning into context for your professional practice.
  • Sharing and learning with a group of mindful photography practitioners who are working around the world.
  • A Look Again certificate of participation that can be used towards your CPD.

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Report from the University of Gloucestershire showing the benefits of mindful photography methodology.

See with Fresh Eyes: Mindful Photography for Improved Mental Health is a mixed methods evaluation report by the University of Gloucestershire of a programme delivered by Look Again in partnership with Create Gloucestershire and funded by an award from the BUPA Foundation. In summary the report concludes that Look Again’s methodology:

  • decreases anxiety and depression.
  • increases wellbeing.
  • increases social connection.
  • shows the importance of connection and engagement with nature.
  • is a key part in the successful design of our delivery.
    is successfully delivered online.
  • provides participants with new perspectives and more opportunities to reflect and reframe their own appreciation of themselves and their lives.
  • identifies the key role of a good facilitation.

A full report of this 2021 report, as well as the University’s first research report from 2019 can be accessed  here.


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