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Health Organization (WHO) Health For All Film Festival

The WHO #HealthForAll Film Festival is inviting original short films on health.

The 3rd edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health For All Film Festival is inviting independent filmmakers, production companies, public institutions, NGOs, communities, students, and film schools from around the world to submit their original short films on health.

#HealthforAllFilm Festival aims to contribute to health promotion and health education through the power of audiovisual storytelling.

Each winner of the prizes below will receive from WHO a trophy, a certificate and a grant ($10,000 USD for each category and $5,000 USD for each special prize).

  • Universal health coverage (UHC) – films about mental health, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and other UHC stories linked to communicable diseases not part of emergencies;
  • Health emergencies – films about health emergencies, such as COVID-19, Ebola, disaster relief and health in conflict-settings;
  • Better health and well-being – films about environmental and social determinants of health, such as nutrition, sanitation, pollution, gender, and/or about health promotion or health education.

For each of these three GRAND PRIX categories, candidates can submit short documentaries, fiction films or animation films of three to eight minutes in length.

Additionally, three special prizes are attributed to some short-listed videos not receiving a GRAND PRIX. In 2022, the three special prizes include:

  • Special Prize on Health Innovation – films presenting one or more innovative solutions with a proven positive impact in the health and wellbeing of people. These can include social innovations (e.g. new or improved approaches or ways of working); digital solutions; and new technological solutions – or a combination thereof – that promote health and wellbeing.  #HealthforAllFilm  are looking for stories that capture how health innovations have the potential to address people’s health needs and positively change lives anywhere in the world, including in the most vulnerable settings.
  • Special Prize on Rehabilitation – films telling stories about the life changing impact that rehabilitation has on people’s lives. Rehabilitation addresses the impact of a health condition on a person’s everyday life and ensures that people remain as independent as possible, while continuing to participate in education, work and meaningful life roles. Most people will require rehabilitation at some point in their lives, whether they have experienced an injury, disease, illness, or decline in function with age. COVID-19 highlights that rehabilitation is also required in the continuum of care for people with infectious diseases.
  • Student film prize – films produced by students who can justify that the films were made during their university studies.
  • Very short film prize – films between one to two minutes and 30 seconds (1’00” to 2’30”) about any health-related topic previously described in the three main competition categories including topics like health innovation and rehabilitation.

Official selection: A new series of over 60 short films will be presented to the public in April 2022 via the WHO YouTube channel and WHO film festival homepage.

Share your health related short films until 30 January.

Find out more about the competition categories, prizes, festival rules & eligibility criteria here

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