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Great Place Scheme Professional Development Bursaries

Torbay Culture are offering 15 bursaries of up to £500 per award to support individual creative practitioners in Torbay to develop their creative practice and financial resilience, through CPD activities. Deadline: 9am, Monday 24th February.


You are eligible to apply if:

  • you are a practicing artist (in any field), maker, curator, producer or other creative practitioner
  • you have at least one year of professional experience in your field
  • you are applying as an individual (organisations cannot apply)
  • you live in Torbay and have had professional experience in the last 12 months OR you live in Devon and can evidence that
  • you have made or presented work professionally in Torbay area within the last 12 months. For the purposes of this programme, Torbay is defined as the Torbay Council administrative area.
  • you are not an employee or board member of TDA or Torbay Culture.

If you meet these criteria and you would like a bit of professional development, then we want to support you. You do not have to have been in touch with Torbay Culture before. Please read on to find out more.


What the bursary can be used for

Examples of what the bursary can be used for are:

  • Fees for courses, conferences, workshops or costs of training
  • Visits within the UK for the purposes of knowledge exchange and/or professional networking
  • Costs of coaching or mentoring
  • Travel and accommodation costs associated with the above, and subsistence if the activities require you to be away from home for more than 6 hours at a time or at normal mealtimes. These costs will be covered in line with the expenses policy which is available to download, below.

There is additional funding available to cover access costs associated with the above where needed, for people with disabilities or caring responsibilities.

Note that all activity must take place between 1st March and 30th June 2020.

What the bursary can’t be used for

Great Place Scheme professional development bursaries can’t be used for:

  • Research and/or development (R&D) for new work, or making/presenting work
  • Equipment or materials
  • Tuition fees for formal education
  • Your own fees
  • International travel, or travel costs associated with attending other Torbay Culture skills development programmes and events
  • Activity that could reasonably be expected to be provided by your employer (if you are employed)
  • Retrospective costs i.e. costs incurred or activity undertaken before the bursary was awarded.

These restrictions are in part due to the requirements of the Great Place Scheme which does not allow us to make sub-grants. In addition, we are limited by the size of the bursaries available, which we have kept to £500 to ensure a greater number of people can benefit. Other organisations like Arts Council England and Jerwood Arts offer larger bursaries and may be more flexible on some of these areas. We highly recommend you check them out!


How it works

Applications are open until 9am, Monday 24th February. Following assessment of the applications, the bursaries will be awarded by Friday 28th February. After that, bursary recipients will be asked to sign a light-touch agreement with Torbay Culture/TDA to agree their professional development plan and liaise with Torbay Culture/TDA for the booking of courses, conferences, coaching, mentoring or training.

You may:

  • Make and pay for your own bookings, and reclaim the costs from TDA (via claim form and receipts); OR
  • Make your own bookings and ask the provider to invoice TDA; OR
  • Ask TDA to make the bookings on their behalf.
  • make your own arrangements for travel, accommodation or access support and reclaim agreed costs by submitting a claim form with receipts to TDA
  • complete a questionnaire at the end of their funded professional development activity, which will ask about the experience, their learning and the impact the development opportunity has or will have on their creative practice.

How to apply

Torbay Culture want to make the application as straight-forward as possible, and they will therefore accept applications in written or video format. They do not ask you to submit your CV.

Please click HERE to apply.

DEADLINE: 9am, Monday 24th February.

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