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Exeter Culture Network & Share events for practitioners

Join Exeter Culture’s monthly virtual meet-ups for conversation and support

Exeter Culture is looking to set up a monthly online get-together for folks in the arts and culture sector in the city. They want the events to be an opportunity for artists, makers and practitioners to network, share challenges and aspirations, and generally come together for some mutual support. Just because everyone can’t all meet in a room doesn’t mean we can’t be here for each other.

Each event will be an hour, and Exeter Culture also hope to invite guest speakers to give short presentations about projects and opportunities.

Exeter Culture  is hoping that the first of these events will go ahead in late September, then each month until the end of January. Each event will be make reference to a theme from the Cultural Strategy: City of Culture for the Environment, City of Cultural Wellbeing, City of Heritage Innovation, City of Creative Making, and City of Cultural Literacy and Learning. If your practice is particularly engaged with one or more of the themes, Exeter Culture would welcome hearing from you.

Please take a minute or two to engage with the Doodle poll and let Exeter Culture know when to schedule the September session:

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