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Dance in Cancer Care: Introductory Training

Dance in Cancer Care: Introductory Training – An interdisciplinary programme for those working across the health and the dance sectors.

Move Dance Feel’s ‘Dance in Cancer Care: Introductory Training’ programme brings together people working across the dance and the health sectors to gain understanding and insights about how dance can;

  • Innovate cancer care services
  • Support the wide ranging physical, mental and social health challenges associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Create vital communities of care that lead to individual and collective wellbeing

The training is both practical and discursive, delivered across 2.5 days – LEARN, MOVE, CONNECT, REFLECT, RECHARGE

When: 11, 12, 13 February 2022

Friday: 14:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 9.30 – 18:00
Sunday: 9.30 – 17:30

Where: Penny Brohn UK, Chapel Pill Lane, Bristol, BS20 0HH

Established in 2016, Move Dance Feel is an award winning initiative created to address a gap in cancer care and rehabilitation. Over the past 5 years Move Dance Feel has developed a robust, evidence based methodology which will be shared throughout the training.

To find out more and sign up visit:

This training opportunity is for people working in both the dance and the health sectors. This may include, but is not limited to;

Dance artists, staff working in cancer support or rehabilitation services, oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, people working in integrative medicine, physiotherapists, dance performers interested in participatory practice, movement enthusiasts and exercise specialists, people working or interested in arts and health, researchers, general practitioners, people working in mental health services/counselling, trustees of cancer charities, people working in dance development, education or science.

Move Dance Feel are looking for a broad range of experience to fuel interdisciplinary exchange throughout the training and beyond.

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