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Culture and Collaborations on Climate Emergency: Call for contributors

Culture and Collaborations on Climate Emergency: Shining a light on the contribution of Higher Education and culture led collaboration to our understandings of climate emergency, climate justice and net zero.

National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange (NCACE) is an initiative led by TCCE and funded by Research England to facilitate and support capacity for Knowledge Exchange between Higher Education and the arts and cultural sector across the UK, with a particular focus on evidencing and showcasing the social, cultural, environmental, as well as economic, impacts of such activities.

Climate Emergency is a key theme under-pinning this work and NCACE are creating spaces for conversations around cultural collaborations on climate emergency, climate justice and related arising themes and concerns. Exploring how, where and why these are, and have been, emerging, how they are being supported, what their impacts are and the role that policy, funding initiatives and other factors are playing, or have the potential to play, in their development.

Through a Culture and Collaborations on Climate Emergency workshop NCACE  are setting out to create a space to:

  • highlight the role of collaborative initiatives with a focus on climate emergency, climate justice, net zero and related areas that are occurring between key stakeholders including: Higher Education, the arts and cultural sector, local authorities, community partnerships and other relevant actors
  • showcase a diverse range of research projects and creative collaborations from around the country and beyond.
  • encourage dialogue, discussion and information sharing between researchers and others working in Higher Education, arts and cultural practitioners, policy-makers and funders on this most timely and important of topics.

Call for contributors:  Welcome proposals for contributions and/or case studies around these themes. If you are involved in the development or curation of cultural or creative collaborative projects on the topic of climate emergency, NCACE would like to hear from you. If you have written reports, papers, blogs or other relevant materials that you would like to share via the NCACE Repository, NCACE would also like to hear from you. NCACE are keen to hear about initiatives that are both established and emerging.

Get in touch if you would like to talk about research you are undertaking in this field or about an initiative (large or small) that you are active in developing or supporting as we are also currently developing a range of case-studies for publication later in the year.

Email: noshin[at] in the first instance.

Culture and Collaborations on Climate Emergency Workshop – Thursday 23 June, from 10am – online, FREE

This event is aimed at those with an active interest in climate emergency, climate justice, net zero and related themes and the role that cultural knowledge exchange collaborations are currently playing or indeed have the potential to play in addressing the challenges associated with this major global issue which is now and will continue to affect all of our lives.

NCACE warmly invite attendees from across the higher education, arts and cultural, local and regional government, policymakers, funders and other public and private sector bodies working in this field to join them for a morning of key notes, case studies, panel discussions and workshops.

Contributors will include: Dr Neelam Raina (Associate Professor, Design and Development, Middlesex University and Challenge Lead: Conflict for Global Challenges Research Fund), Justin McGuirk (AHRC Programme Director, Future Observatory and Design Museum), Professor Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Rachel Briscoe (Fast Familiar), Linda France (Poet and Climate Writer, New Writing North and Newcastle University) and Johanna Kieniewicz(Head of Education and Research Collaborations, King’s Culture). We will continue to make further announcements including new contributors in the coming weeks.

For more information about this event and to register visit

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