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CALL-OUT: Together Behind Walls – A Covid-19 Anthology by Arkbound Publishers

Arkbound Publishers are calling for contributors who have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic including how the lockdowns have impacted or highlighted health inequalities in regard to mental health, disability and race.

Together Behind Walls – A Covid-19 Anthology

Arkbound Publishers Guidelines

1.     To produce a collection of poetry, short stories and articles, covering the times of Covid-19 lockdowns, including how the lockdowns impact on race, mental health and disability.

2.     The book is to give a voice to those who are most adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic because of a disadvantage; to convey to the readers a better understanding of the contributors’ experiences and how the experiences serve as important social lessons.

3.     Contributors, therefore, to be mainly from members of disadvantaged groups or from organisations and support agencies that give disadvantages groups support.

4.     The theme: all about the pandemic, without restriction on approach or subject matter, as long as the contribution complies with point 1 & 2 above.

5.     Poetry – up to 100 lines, say, of 10 syllabic lines (excluding prose verse). Short stories and articles – up to 1,500 words.

6.     All work submitted on the understanding that work may be edited, if only to conform to Arkbound House Rules.

7.     The Book will be up to 60,000 words and with illustrations where necessary.

8.     The collection is for young adults and above.

9.     To be published in April 2021.

10.  Each contributor to get a share of the standard 66% of royalties (sales) and up to £50 contributor fee for contribution used.

11.  The work should be typed and sent as email attachment to david[at]

Deadline for submission of material is 28 February 2021.

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