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Arts and Health Hub Artist Peer Group September

Arts and Health Hub peer groups provide the space for artists to share active ideas, projects and challenges, with peer support from audience participants.

Join Arts and Health Hub for their September virtual artist peer group.

An opportunity to hear from two artists about their practice. Their two artists this month are Sukhy Hullait and Marianne McGurk.

The event takes place over Zoom on 27th September from 6:30 – 8pm with a break in the middle.

Simply book onto the event HERE

The peer groups are facilitated by artist Daniel Regan and currently take place online. In each session 2 artists share their ideas or works and ask for support on particular elements. It could be where to go with a project or how to and where to show the work. As a group they pool resources and support each artist to push their idea forward.

The focus on these sessions is not just sharing how amazing you are, but asking for and receiving support. The group is open to artists from all backgrounds and experiences and is a place to share thoughts, ideas and works in a non-judgemental and open environment. The group is inclusive, built on the notion of sharing, not competing.

Find out how you can apply to share your work HERE 

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