The Role of the Arts during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bradbury A, Warran K, Mak H W & Fancourt D. The Role of the Arts during the COVID-19 Pandemic. London; 2021.


This report, published by University College London (UCL) and funded by the Arts Council, examined the complex role of the arts during the Covid-19 pandemic by interviewing 138 participants who identified with one or more of the following groups: keyworkers, adults with long-term conditions, adults with mental health conditions, older adults, parents of young children and younger adults aged 18-24.

The report found that:

  • The arts have played a crucial role in providing psychological and social support during the pandemic for these groups – 68% of people reported that the arts affected them positively during the pandemic
  • Individuals used the arts to distract themselves from the pandemic; connect with themselves emotionally and on a deeper level; engage creatively and learn new skills; and connect with others – 1 in 5 people increased arts activity and engagement during the pandemic
  • These engagements with the arts improved mental health, wellbeing and aspects of physical health, and provided opportunities to build social capital in the form of social support
  • People from lower income and lower education groups have been reached more (via engagement with the arts) during the pandemic
  • People from ethnic minority backgrounds were 80-90% more likely to engage with digital arts activity during the pandemic
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