The Creative Power of the Arts: Reimagining Human and Planetary Flourishing

The Creative Power of the Arts: Reimagining Human and Planetary Flourishing. Salzburg Global Seminar, April to November, 2021 Session 717. Contributors: Kiley Arroyo, Executive Director, Cultual Strategies Council, US; Karima Grant, Founder and Executive Director, ImagiNation Afrika Senegal; David Fakunle, CEO, DiscoverME/RecoverME; US Pireeni Sundaralignam, Poet, Cognitive Scientist and Playwright, US; Pedro Ivo Franco, Independant Consultant, Germany.

How Can We Reimagine Human and Planetary Flourishing?

As the world confronts the compounded impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis and structural injustices, societies are entering a protracted and complex period of reassessment, reimagination and restructuring. The culture and arts sector has much to contribute to these processes and must collaborate across sectors as societies reimagine more creative and regenerative pathways towards human and planetary flourishing. With its broad program portfolio and its expansive arts and culture network, Salzburg Global Seminar is uniquely positioned as a strategic platform to support and advocate for these much-needed creative, cross-sectoral and holistic approaches to systemic transformation.

Increased awareness of structural injustices in societies worldwide has led to urgent calls for the arts and culture sector to play a more active role in promoting social justice, designing and implementing more inclusive practices, and initiating and supporting complex processes of decolonization around the globe. These efforts need to be directed both across societies at large but also within the cultural sector itself and its own institutions. To this end, from April to November 2021, Salzburg Global Seminar convened the program The Creative Power of the Arts: Reimagining Human and Planetary Flourishing.

The program began with a series of online Focus Group sessions. The report shares the thinking of a global, diverse, group of Fellows focused on this key question: How can the creative power of the arts in the interdependent, interconnected and interrelated complex system we live in, play a more active role in the challenges we face in climate, education, health and justice?

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