The Baring Foundation Report – Creatively Minded and Ethnically Diverse

How can access to creative opportunities for people with mental health problems from ethnically diverse backgrounds be improved? Expert reflections and good practice examples from people with personal and professional experience of this field.

The Baring Foundation’s initial research for their Arts and Mental Health funding theme – published in Creatively Minded in January 2020 – suggested that there are few diverse-led organisations specifically devoted to arts and health work and that ethnically diverse people are not well represented as service-users or in its workforce. That is despite the fact that there are stark disparities in terms of prompt diagnosis and access to mental health treatment for racialised communities.

In this new report, Creatively Minded and Ethnically Diverse, experts and practitioners with personal and professional experience of this field explore the challenges and barriers to access to the arts for people with mental health problems from ethnically diverse backgrounds, and draw out and suggest some good practice.

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This report is available in its entirety as a downloadable PDF document.


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