The Heritage Alliance’s new Health and Wellbeing report

This report demonstrates the positive impact heritage can have on individual and community wellbeing.

While the case for arts and culture supporting wellbeing is well developed, there is comparatively less understanding of the power of heritage to help people to “feel good”. The Heritage Alliance’s Heritage, Health and Wellbeing Report examines the existing evidence in this space, before showcasing more than 30 case studies from Heritage Alliance members.

In the style of The Heritage Alliance 2019 Creative Industries report, the Heritage, Health and Wellbeing report examines the existing work in this space, before showcasing more than 30 case studies. These case studies cover the breadth of the work in the sector, from yoga in a historic house to a group of disabled adults empowered to put on a club night at Alexandra Palace. The Heritage Alliance consider these case studies, and the sector’s experiences more widely, to make recommendations to the heritage sector, the health sector, and to government.

As COVID-19 has turned traditional business models on their head, and individuals are more focused on their wellbeing than ever before, this report comes at a timely moment. The Heritage Alliance suggest that by expanding their offer into supporting wellbeing, heritage organisations can weather this storm and be sustainable into the future.

The full report is available to read HERE.

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This case study is available in its entirety as a downloadable PDF document.


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