Connect Fest – Learning and Evaluation Report

Participants took part in a two-hour structured conversation with producers to feedback on their experiences including the value and challenges of the Digital Intergen Project, things to improve and advice for others.

In March 2020, members of the Royal Exchange Elders and Young Companies were due to start rehearsals on an intergen performance project. Faced with the prospect of Lockdown, they reimagined the project to take place online.

Up to 45 people aged 14-82 asked to take part and were all included. Working with artists Nickie Miles-Wildin and Testament (who had already started work on the original project), they re-shaped the idea to rehearse on Zoom with a view to creating five outputs which they could share as part of a festival week. As the Digital Intergen project developed, this evolved into an ambitious five-part series involving over 40 original characters developed through improvisations and writing tasks.

Sticking with their original theme of how music connects us, the series centred around an imagined music festival taking place somewhere in Greater Manchester. They even created and recorded a song which was later released in two versions (an 80s original and a live Festival anthem) via Bandcamp.

They hope that this evaluation report will share insights and learning for other professionals and participants embarking on similar projects (both intergenerational and digital) in the future.

The full Connect Fest report is available to read HERE.

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This evaluation and learning report is available in its entirety as a downloadable PDF document.


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