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How can the Regional Strategy be used and by whom?

This flexible and evolving framework for action can be used by different stakeholders to advance the arts for health and wellbeing agenda in a variety of ways. For example: Arts and cultural practitioners and organisations can use it to guide the development of locally relevant services, and to gain support for their implementation. Health agencies and providers can use the framework to better understand and collaborate with practitioners to coproduce and commission arts for health and wellbeingactivities.  Members of the public and beneficiaries of services can use it to advocate for arts for health and wellbeingactivities that meet local needs. Cross-sectoral groups of stakeholders can collaboratively develop and seek funding for capacity-building activities that will strengthen those who deliver services.

You can see Sample Activities related to each of the Goals here: Regional Strategy – Goals, Strategies and Sample Activities – PDF – 28-05-19.

If you would like to propose a collaborative project or share information on current work please contact Alex Coulter here.

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