Alternative Visions: Undiscovered Art in the South West

Alternative Visions was a project to tour an exhibition of work made by artists facing barriers to the art world, which happened from 2016-2018


Alternative Visions was developed by Arts & Health South West, Outside In and Bristol Culture, in partnership with Falmouth Art Gallery, The Wilson in Cheltenham, Poole Museum and Bristol-based Artists First.

The project was funded through Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme.

Alternative Visions aimed to:

  • challenge and question perceptions of art in relation to people who are excluded from the mainstream art world, for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.
  • highlight issues of diversity, interpretation and relationships between artists and curators.
  • initiate discussion around what people think should be considered as art.
    influence the attitudes of audiences and get more work exhibited in mainstream spaces by those facing barriers.
  • create a fairer art world which rejects traditional values and institutional judgements about whose work can and should be displayed in galleries.

Alternative Visions Image Gallery

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Alternative Visions Short Report

Download a short PDF evaluation report which summarises what the project achieved. Click the button to download or click here to open in your browser.

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Alternative Visions Long Report

Download a longer, full evaluation report of the project, which goes into more detail. Click the button to download or click here to open in your browser.

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Alternative Visions Podcasts

Listen to Podcast episodes featuring interviews with some of the Alternative Visions Artists.


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