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Double Elephant – Print On Prescription (06-07-2018)

In this episode, the first in our Challenge Fund series, we hear from Simon Ripley and Fiona Lovell at Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. In the second half of the episode you can also hear some wonderful snapshots from one of their printmaking sessions. Simon and Fiona talk to Hannah about the challenges of an organisation in its 21st year trying to secure continuing funding. Double Elephant Print Workshop has from the beginning been a shared space where people can come and feel supported in a friendly environment, and interact with happenings in the studio or have space to work under their own steam, and then feel empowered to carry on some of the techniques they’ve learnt, at home.

You can find out more about Double Elephant and their courses and workshops by visiting their website at www.doubleelephant.org.uk.

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