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Creative Writing, Meditation and Wellbeing, with Rajeshree Sisodia (31-01-2022)

In this episode, Hannah talks to Rajeshree Sisodia about Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, and Vedic Meditation, and how Rajeshree brings these two practices together. Midway through the episode Rajeshree leads listeners through a 20 minute guided therapeutic writing activity, exploring inner landscapes and feelings of belonging. The episode is rounded off with a discussion of Rajeshree’s research practice, and the potential benefits of broadening academic perspectives beyond western frames of reference, so that we might “deepen our understanding of emotional geographies”.

You can get in touch with Rajeshree and find out more about her practice, ‘Well Through Words’ at www.wellthroughwords.org

Sound effects used in the creative writing activity were created by Alexander Gastrell, and obtained from www.zapsplat.com

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