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Art & Social Change – Episode 1 – Healthcare Worker Burnout (04/08/2018)

Arts & Health South West is a partner in an Erasmus Plus funded project developing an experiential art training programme for health workers who work in addiction and recovery. This special podcast series is exploring the work, expertise, and stories of the people doing this work, and what the research is showing the arts & health sector.

In this episode we speak to Nuccia Cammara and Dr Theo Stickley about the use of the arts in healthcare settings and in working with people in addiction and recovery, and also about healthcare worker burnout.

Nuccia Cammara’s work as a social worker in addiction contexts in Sicily, Italy is a foundation to the Art & Social Change project. She is an addiction worker, but she is also an artist.

Dr Theo Stickley brings the training and experience of being a mental health nurse and educator. Theo’s work and research also attests to the use of participatory arts – particularly in mental health recovery.

Find out more about the Art & Social Change Project at www.artandsocialchange.eu

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