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Alternative Visions Episode 3 – George Harding – (16-04-2018)

In this podcast Hannah speaks to the artist George Harding. They explore the process of making his painting Pink Rain and Pain, and discuss the mystery of people seeing different things in the image or the playfulness of hearing someone describe it in their own words. They talk about bringing art that wouldn’t usually be seen, into prestigious institutions: maybe the challenges involved in getting your art into the world through the traditional channels has created a need for a different kind of framework for a different kind of art experience. There is a real tension for all art-makers between finding a way to support yourself while at the same time satisfying the urge to create. George explains that sometimes it’s necessary to find a way to do that on your own terms.

View George’s painting ‘Pink Rain and Pain’ in his Outside In online gallery here: goo.gl/SLDfFL

View the PDF of the Alternative Visions exhibition catalogue here: goo.gl/xnQYss

Visit George’s website: www.georgejharding.co.uk

Visit the Bethlem Gallery website: bethlemgallery.com

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