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Alternative Visions Episode 1 – Roger Davison (12-03-2018)

Our guest for this episode is artist Roger Davison who is exhibiting his work in the Alternative Visions: Undiscovered Art in the South West exhibition which has been touring galleries in the South West during 2017-18.

We talk about school art rooms, studios and sheds as spaces of ‘refuge’, how art and creativity have been a part of Roger’s life since his childhood in such a way that ‘sustains’ him, and discuss how he feels about the term ‘outsider art’.

Alternative Visions Exhibition information: www.outsidein.org.uk/alternative-visions

Remaining tour dates:
– Poole Museum 21st March – 6th May 2018 (www.poolemuseum.co.uk/whats-on/future-exhibitions/)

Roger’s Outside In online gallery: www.outsidein.org.uk/Roger-Davison1

How to join Outside In: www.outsidein.org.uk/how-to-register

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