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Soundwall in action


Andy Dollerson tells AHSW about the permanent projected audio visual interactive installation he recently created for the children's ward at Poole NHS hospital.

Hospitals across the UK are beginning to see the value of interactive technology in patient education and care, and several installations have been established in the UK.


soundwall in action


Soundwall is a a 6ft projected audio visual interactive installation, with the aim of providing children both a fun introduction to creating and playing music together, and also to provide relief during recovery from treatment, or assistance with physiological treatment.


It was designed for the children's ward at Poole NHS Hospital in Dorset. Sounwall was officially opened on the 6th April 2016, by the former Mayor of Poole, the Revd Charles Meachin.


Soundwall opening with Mayor


Created as a collaboration between music production compant DOsounds and creative studio Freak, the Soundwall serves as a way to help calm and entertain children as they wait for surgery or appointments at the hospital.


Christian Curtis of Freak:

"When we came uo with the concept of Soundwall, we had a two-pronged vision: We wanted to provide respite from what can be a painful and harrowing experience for children and their parents, and at the same time provide a platform for children to experience the joy of playing music together"


 Soundwall featured image


The hospital wall has been turned into a space landscape, complete with passing planets, rockets, stars and aliens popping in and out of the scene. As children approach the wall, and move their hands around, music and lights follow their movements around the wall.


Soundwall children interacting


The Mayor provided funds to the children's ward from the Mayoral charity fund in 2009. When DOsounds approached the hospital, they'd been looking for ways to use the funds to provide ways of caring for the children in their care.


Andy Dollerson of DOsounds:

"The idea came from reading an article about the therapeutic consequences of creative stimulation, and remembering hte enjoyment I received as a young child, playing music alongside other children. Hopefully this will give them a taste of playing music together, as well as distracting them from the unfamiliar environment of a hospital"


soundwall preparations

soundwall preparations 2


The hospital is interested in using technology similar to this within the Child Development center; it could be a great resource to provide fun games to inspire children to make a certain motion, or to stretch their limbs as and when needed.


Andy Dollerson:

"We have treated this project as a pilot, and due to its success, we would like to take it further, creating installations at other hospitals, care homes, for children and other generations. There is a lot of potential for creating software that would integrate better into recovery programs for patients, and for furthering the exploration of encouraging musical play".


soundwall crowd


The project was part funded by the British Arts Council, the Co-op community fund, and local Mayors funds for the children's ward.


To find out more about DOsounds' work, click here

To find out more about Freak studio's work, click here


Posted on 28 April 2016

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