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Interactive 'Barometer of Wellbeing' installation gives insight into the emotional landscape of a city

Artist Aidan Moesby's interactive 'barometer of wellbeing' for the city of Dundee features a 'periodic table of emotions' displayed on a screen or projector, which responds when words are tweeted and hash-tagged on twitter. He is now looking for new hosts for the installation.

 periodic table at event

Artist Aidan Moesby has worked in the field of mental health and the arts for many years. Recently he completed a project with Dundee Contemporary Arts,  New Media Scotland and Project Ginsberg, the outcome of which was an interactive ‘barometer of wellbeing’ for the city of Dundee. The installation featured a 'periodic table of emotions' displayed on an HD Screen or projector, which responds when words are tweeted and hash-tagged on twitter.
 Screen view of Periodic Table
"There are many systems which monitor or track moods, or wellbeing or happiness indices - strangely none seem to use emotions as the basis of this. Sagacity does. Indeed Emotions are at the heart of our approach. If you ask someone how they are, you generally get an answer of 'good' 'happy' or 'sad' - binaries which are not very useful really. By producing a periodic table of emotions I have attempted to broaden our emotional lexicon and deepen our emotional intelligence."
projection of periodic table
The installation is adaptable as a tool of wellbeing or evaluation in a multitude of settings. 
Aidan is now looking for interest from organisations to host the installation within different appropriate environments. If you would like to find out more about hosting the installation, please contact Aidan via his website



Posted on 23 March 2016

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