Wellbeing Walks

Recently AHSW had the pleasure of working with Abbi Bayliss. Abbi’s experience of the sector during her Internship with AHSW has inspired some of her most recent work with the National Trust!

Watch out for Abbi’s latest Wellbeing Walks as it launches on the National Trust’s podcast in April.

For the last four months I’ve been working on a youth led project with the National trust, creating responses on how young people can best engage with nature. My outcome was a podcast titled “Well-being walks” that aims to virtually connect people and help assist people in engaging with nature on their walk for their well-being.

A huge well done to Abbi for this project. There are two versions of the podcast: an outdoor version and an indoor version (for people staying at home.)

Listen and enjoy!  https://soundcloud.com/submergedtapes/sets/wellbeing-walks/s-2Gjp7lmFhnd


Wellbeing Walks on Soundcloud

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