Useful postal advice for creative projects from Arts Well

Arts Well have created some useful tips for sending creative ideas and packs through the post.


Using the postal service to continue to support people in being creative for their health and wellbeing – particularly people who are not online – is a great way to maintain connections, but it is important that this is done safely.

With many examples in the last few weeks of brilliant creative ideas to keep people connected, many of which are using postal services to deliver activities, packs, materials etc, Arts Well has checked out the best advice on how to ensure that this is all done safely and in accordance with Public Health guidance.

You can access the full Arts Well advice in a document here, but it is basically about the importance of hand hygiene in both sending and receiving post and some advice on reducing the need for people to go out to send or receive post.

The risk of viral transmission through the post is minimal, but it is still important that you follow hand hygiene procedures in both sending and receiving mail so here are Arts Well some tips;

  • If possible make sure what you are sending can fit into a package that can go through a letterbox.
  • When preparing your post make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and in line with Public Health England guidance.
  • It might be a good idea to put a note in the package letting people know that you followed Public Health England guidance on hand hygiene before packing the parcel and advise them to follow the same procedure once they have opened it.
  • Some people have also thought about setting up collection points in local areas, but public health advice is that no one should be going out unless essential so should not be encouraged to go out and collect anything. Post is currently still the best option.

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