Untapped Crowdfunder Appeal for a Youth Suicide Prevention Art Therapy Project

Untapped are raising money to prevent suicide in young people by providing Art Psychotherapy to two schools, in partnership with Dorset Mind.

Who are Untapped Art Therapy?

Untapped are a social enterprise dedicated to relieving the suffering of young people, using art. They have been providing artist residencies to vulnerable young people and training young volunteers for the past 20 years, and are now able to offer Art Psychotherapy (aka art therapy).

The suicide rates in the Bournemouth area* have been rising, and the mental health services are in crisis. COVID-19 has increased the risk of death by suicide in young people considerably.

How does art therapy prevent suicide?

A professionally trained Art Psychotherapist works alongside the young person, supporting them to express their feelings using art materials and/or words. Sometimes words are too difficult. Conscious and unconscious expressions are then thought about together, in a safe and confidential space. This process can relieve distress and anxiety through the witnessing and ‘holding’ of the person‘s experiences and feelings.

Young people’s mental health is in crisis

Due to the increased pressure on all psychological services supporting young people (YP) at present, unfortunately YP in crisis are not getting the psychological support they need at the crucial moment, potentially resulting in an increase in suicide and self-harm.

The secondary school students Untapped aims to support are likely to have been mentally vulnerable prior to Covid19, and are now experiencing even greater distress due to the impacts of poverty, bereavement, SEN (Special Educational Needs), sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, sexual and criminal exploitation, issues around gender and sexual identity, racial discrimination, being EEA Nationals, being refugee and/or migrant children, being looked-after children, being young carers, addiction, as well as social isolation. Added to this the anxiety over interrupted education, the insecurity over exam results and future employment recently, psychological support is needed now more than ever, in order to prevent future crisis admissions to CAMHS, self-harm and suicides.

*schools in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole areas

Untapped is looking to raise £15,000 as they will then qualify for match funding.

Find out more and donate to their Crowdfunder campaign  >> www.crowdfunder.co.uk/suicide-prevention-art-psychotherapydorset-mind

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