Unruly Bodies by Arts and Health Hub

Through a series of artist talks, creative workshops and an exhibition Arts and Health Hub’s ‘Unruly Bodies’ season examines bodies in resistance.


Across February and March 2022 join Arts and Health Hub for a season of online and in person events exploring the theme of Unruly Bodies.

Through a series of artist talks, creative workshops and an exhibition the Unruly Bodies season examines bodies in resistance: bodies and minds that are different, challenging, celebrated and denigrated. The unruly connection between body and mind.

All events are free or by donation. 

Artist Talk: Heather Agyepong
February 16th: 6.30pm – 8pm [online]

Heather Agyepong shares the story of her powerful new solo performance, The Body Remembers, which explores how trauma lives in the body, particularly for Black British women across different generations.

Artist Talk: Claire Sunho Lee
March 2nd: 6.30pm – 8pm [online]

Claire will be discussing her ongoing multimedia project <Tell Me What I’m Remembering> which raises questions around the authenticity of memory, truth and fiction, from a deeply personal perspective.

Artist Talk: Jameisha Prescod
March 9th: 6.30pm – 8pm [online]

Jameisha will discuss building a community through online creative storytelling. As the founder of You Look Okay to Me, Jameisha will go through their journey of producing online visual content that explores themes like disability, illness, culture and identity. They will also dive into authentically engaging their community with transparency while establishing boundaries to manage their own health challenges.

Workshop with Carol Grantham
March 5th: 2pm – 4pm [in person], Nutbrook Studios, Peckham, London

Join Carol in this in workshop that combines using fabric, fibre and thread to explore elements of the bodies we’d like to see represented, leave in the past or that go unseen. You’ll be using a variety of creative processes to explore your own interpretation of Unruly Bodies.

Exhibition & Workshops: Unruly Bodies
Seen Fifteen Gallery, Peckham, London, 10th — 13th March

An exhibition of works by artists Liberty Antonia Sadler and Fenn Eddy- Gardiner exploring body image, queer sexuality, ADHD and more.

For more information visit – www.artsandhealthhub.org/unrulybodies

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