The Ubele Initiative – Reimagining Social Prescribing: Roundtable Discussions

The Ubele Initiative have been running a series of three roundtables to explore what Social Prescribing looks like in Black and Minoritised communities. The first of three Ubele Initiative blogs is out, sharing insights from these discussions.

The Ubele Initiative in collaboration with London Plus and Thriving Communities have been running a series of three roundtables to explore what Social Prescribing looks like in Black and Minoritised communities. The aim of these discussions was to discover how Social Prescribing can be effective for Black and Minoritised communities, to inform, connect and find ways to better support the sector.

The roundtables were attended by: Social Prescribers, Public Health professionals and Health and Wellbeing/Social Prescribing activity providers. From Art Therapists, Food growers, Singing teachers, Arts organisations, Women’s Health services, Mobility and Access services, Parenting support and Women empowerment services.

The first out of three Ubele Initiative blogs, sharing insights from the discussions is out.


This roundtable took place November 23rd 2021 virtually. The aim of this table was to understand what language we use when talking about social prescribing. This includes establishing what terminologies are being used, as well as how we describe the process (from identifying a need for prescribing a Social Prescribing activity through to its delivery.)

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One of the Mayor of London’s key ambitions is to help more Londoners in vulnerable or deprived communities to improve their health and wellbeing through social prescribing. In 2020, the Mayor of London commissioned an independent report to explore the social prescribing activity taking place in four boroughs linked in with London Borough of Culture. This report can be found here >>


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