Connecting Through Creativity: Tackling Loneliness

AHSW is raising funds this Christmas to help end loneliness, and you can help!

The National Loneliness Strategy foregrounds loneliness as a public health issue, as approximately 30% of people going to their GP are lonely, and frequent and sustained loneliness is linked to heart disease, strokes and dementia.

The AHSW Tackling Loneliness campaign  aims to raise funds to work with networks of arts and cultural providers to deliver creative sessions for people experiencing loneliness, and ensure they are well informed with evidence and practical toolkits, as well as to help establish connections into the developing social prescribing infrastructure.

Social prescribing has the potential to help loneliness as it connects people to services which help to improve their health and wellbeing. Engaging in creative activities can be an effective way of connecting people with their inner and outer worlds, helping them to make meaning and expand their horizons. In a group, the creative process can be an invisible connector, allowing people to share stories while making and learning new skills.

With the campaign funds raised as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge, AHSW will support arts and cultural organisations across the south west to collaborate and provide more creative arts activities for people who are experiencing loneliness, and help more people to connect with each other and flourish through creativity. AHSW already supports a number of great projects which tackle loneliness and that bring to the fore the positive effects social prescribing can offer.



A small gift of £5 can keep on giving

We would be delighted if you would like donate from as little as £5 upwards to our Big Give Christmas Challenge between 3rd– 10th December 2019



Your donation will make a real difference.



Team work makes the dream work

We know that collaboration allows others to flourish, so another way to consider donating a larger amount is to inspire your fellow colleagues! It is an easy way to focus on your workplace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and you could simply ask everyone to donate a small amount to reach a grand fundraising total (and/or match fund these donations by staff as an organisation/company) and then pledge as a group. You could even make it fun and creative by organising a pub quiz or a bake off!

Nominate one person to act on the organisation’s behalf and email us on info[at] so we can send you further information and an online link when the fundraising campaign goes live.


Do something memorable

Do you fancy running an event in the run up or during the first few days of the Big Give Christmas Challenge? Maybe there is a personal challenge or activity you would like to complete to raise donations. Whatever you fancy doing we would welcome any support to raise funds and awareness on the subject of loneliness.

Email us on info[at] and let us know if you want to support the campaign by doing something memorable!


Spread the word

If you cannot donate this December, but would love to help, then you can still support us by simply sharing our campaign with your wider networks.  Send a link to  to those who might be interested, or follow us and share our latest social media posts via social media.

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Understanding Loneliness

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