Special Issue of Perspectives in Public Health

Special Issue of RSPH’s Perspectives in Public Health based on the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Conference 2021

Special Issue of The Royal Society for Public Health’s (RSPH) Perspectives in Public Health focusing on papers presented at Culture, Health & Wellbeing International Conference (CHW21) last year.

Thanks to Senior Deputy Editor, Theo Stickley for this fantastic overview, including several articles that most reflect the conference themes including:

Results of a survey that has managed to map all of the singing-for-health groups in the Republic of Ireland; a unique study on the effects of the environment on service users and staff in community pharmacies; Anita Jensen describing how Arts on prescription is becoming sustainable in a Swedish context; Marian Liebmann presenting the wonderful Art Tables work amongst asylum-seekers and refugees in Bristol; Music for Life, a Spanish project improving the quality of life and prevention of dementia through music participation; critical analysis of the relationship between performing arts activity and health outcomes in 500 cities in the USA; and an empirical study following over 29,000 people to assess longitudinal changes in home-based arts engagement during and following the first national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.

Read more here – https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/rshi/current

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