NHS Yarns by Theatre Temoin

A collaborative project bringing artists and frontline first responders together to create rich, nuanced, and revelatory pieces of storytelling in partnership with The Mercury Theatre.

Belle’s husband demands that she strip on their doorstep, Sara’s iPhone has become a facilitator of final goodbyes, and Azrael—ethereal chaperone to the afterlife—arrives breathless and late to every appointment.

NHS Yarns has been created by a leading team of playwrights in conversation with migrant and culturally diverse key workers in response to their front-line experience during the pandemic.

Presented at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester from October 4th – 15th, and filmed for future streaming.  Theatre Témoin casted 6 actors to perform a collection of short plays.  The critically acclaimed Témoin ensemble brought their signature visual style to the collage of new plays from some of the UK’s most exciting new playwrights, weaving a beautiful and eye-opening evening of theatre.

For more information visit https://www.theatretemoin.com/uk-theatre/nhs-yarns 



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