New magazine: The Cancer Hive

The Cancer Hive is a magazine for anyone affected by cancer. It explores stories, thoughts, wisdom and advice from people who have been there, but uses artistic and creative methods to be more inclusive, visual and engaging.

What is The Cancer Hive?

It is a magazine published quarterly and co-produced by the cancer community.

The aim is to help change the conversations around cancer, making it more of an open and honest subject and less of a taboo, but also to provide support to those who are living with it.

It centres around stories, thoughts and comment, told through written narratives or visual arts, to make it more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

When a person gets diagnosed with cancer – when cancer comes crashing into their lives – finding an anchor to hold on is key to keeping them afloat whilst they try to make sense of their world. We want The Cancer Hive to be a part of that anchor.

The Cancer Hive is co-directed and co-edited by Fruit Fly Collective and the cancer community to help change the conversations around cancer, making it less of a taboo, whilst providing support to those who are living with it.

Issue 1 focuses on advice around treatment and emotional wellbeing as well providing some practical ideas.

Who is it for?

Having cancer can change a life, a self identity, a meaning. Sharing experiences, stories and thoughts with people who have been down, or are heading down, a similar path can have a powerful positive impact. It can help people navigate through a difficult time and help make sense of world that has become challenging.

The Cancer Hive is for anyone who has been affected by cancer.




The Cancer Hive is available in both a printed and digital version and can be purchased here.

Find out more about the magazine by visiting their website.

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