New book by Dr Theo Stickley – Short Strolls to Destiny

Dr Theo Stickley’s new book Short Strolls to Destiny takes in the arts, mental health, counselling, philosophy and religion.

This book is about one man’s journey of clarifying and coming to terms with his changing religious beliefs (or lack of them), and his spirituality.

Dr Theo Stickley inquiry takes in the arts, mental health, counselling, philosophy and religion.

The book spans the 1970s to the present day when, in 2019, Theo decided to visit as many churches, temples, synagogues and mosques as he could in the space of a year.

His journey was interrupted by COVID-19. Undeterred, Theo continued his mission during the pandemic lockdown and beyond, discovering that it enabled a deeper inquiry into his past experiences and learning. This is not just a book about visiting places of worship, it is also the story of a spiritual journey through life.

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About the Author

Theo Stickley trained as a mental health nurse and counsellor. He taught at the University of Nottingham for nearly twenty years. Theo grew up in the Congregational Church in a small town in Hertfordshire, becoming a lay preacher as a teenager. After an unsatisfactory time at Bible College, he became the pastor of a rural church in Warwickshire for three years. Soon after, he became disillusioned with the Church in general. It was only when he retired from lecturing, thirty years later, that he began to reflect upon the significance of religion and spirituality in his life

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