Network of Wellbeing Webinar – Creativity and Wellbeing (watch on YouTube)

The Network of Wellbeing hosted a webinar on 21st July 2020 about creativity and wellbeing.

This event was part of the Wellbeing Together webinar series run by the Network of Wellbeing, which can all be found on YouTube.

The interactive discussion and workshop explored how creativity is an integral part of being well and being human. It discussed how making meaning, in different ways, is uniquely human and creativity is not limited to the traditional Arts. Creative activities are also a natural way to manage our emotions, and this is inherently good for our health and wellbeing.

The participatory webinar offered perspectives and approaches from:

Jayne Howard former director of Arts For Health Cornwall, who now runs Arts Well

Geraldine Montgomerie from the Leeds Arts Health & Wellbeing Network [LAHWN] a dynamic project based at Leeds University Cultural Institute.

To find out more about Network of Wellbeing Webinars visit their website >>

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