Moving Together: The Movie

A beautiful film exploring loneliness through music, dance and spoken word.

Watch this beautiful film exploring loneliness through music, dance and spoken word.

The music, choreographic and interviews formed part of a knowledge Exchange research project led by Loneliness & Social Isolation in Mental Health Research Network member Bronwyn Tarr, on alleviating loneliness through dance and music involving academics from different disciplines, the dance company Justice in Motion and volunteers from Network member The Archway Foundation.

Knowledge Exchange (KE)

This KE project involves launching an interdisciplinary enquiry into how movement and music may help reduce loneliness – a widespread but as yet un-tackled well-being challenge in the UK.

The KE will host a small group of dance-movement therapy practitioners, loneliness researchers, music/movement scientists, and people with lived experiences of loneliness. Attendees will share their disciplinary perspectives on, and experiences of, loneliness and its consequences, and will discuss the potential for movement/music therapy practices to help address this issue. They hope that a dance choreographer will attend the workshop, with the aim of translating some of the material they cover into an original dance piece reflecting on the embodied experience of loneliness and connectivity.

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