Move, Dance, Feel launches in Bristol

A creative project for women affected by cancer, designed to offer holistic support and enhance wellbeing which has been running in London for almost four years launches in Bristol this January with a new programme of courses, in partnership with Penny Brohn UK

Initiated in 2016,  Move Dance Feel is a creative project for women affected by cancer, including those caring for someone with cancer. It aims to provide an enjoyable experience, which encourages you to dance both individually and with others – offering an alternative means of group support.

The courses combine dynamic and creative movement activities with playful opportunities for interaction. There is a particular focus on the physicality of dance, artistic exploration and creative collaboration, as well as relaxation, quiet reflection and discussion.

Move Dance Feel enhances wellbeing through:

  • Positive Emotion
  • Peer Support
  • Creativity and Self Expression
  • Accomplishment


New Courses

Penny Brohn UK and Move Dance Feel are offering a new programme of six weekend courses throughout 2020, designed to enhance wellbeing and help women to reconnect with the body after cancer diagnosis and treatment. Move Dance Feel employs an inclusive and person-centred approach to facilitation where the dancing builds in response to the needs and abilities of the group, incorporating plenty of time for rest. Throughout the weekend we will move, talk, dance, explore and eat together – sharing meals at Penny Brohn UK, where accommodation is also provided.

The first two courses will be on 24th – 26th January 2020 and 20th – 22nd March 2020 at the Penny Brohn National Centre in Bristol


There will also be two taster sessions this year:

  1. In the Alan Long Garden Room at Penny Brohn UK on Saturday 11 January 2020 11am to 1pm.
  2. We Hear You in Frome, Somerset on Friday 5 March 2020. Time and exact location TBC.

These taster sessions are open to women only, over the age of 18 with any type of cancer and at any stage in your cancer experience – newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment and post treatment. If you have recently had surgery, they recommend being at least three months post-operative before taking part. If you wish to attend but are very ill or need a lot of physical support, they ask that you please bring a female friend or family member to support you one on one.

The sessions are delivered in an inclusive way, welcoming a variety of age groups and abilities, no prior dance experience is necessary.

Places on these taster sessions are limited. To secure your place, please contact the Bookings team on 0303 3000 118 Option 2 or email

You don’t need to be registered with Penny Brohn UK to attend these sessions. If you’re new to Penny Brohn, we will ask you for contact details and about any particular support you might need.

The courses are 2.5 days in duration, taking place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, and are programmed bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September and November 2020. You’re invited to attend all six courses throughout the year, which will offer a sense of progression, or it is also possible to attend just one course only.

Move Dance Feel is for adult women with any type of cancer, at any stage in their cancer experience – having just been diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or post treatment. If you have recently had an operation, we recommend waiting at least three months before participating. The courses are also for carers, family and friends.

No prior dance experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in, and bring a bottle or water and snacks if needed between meal times.


How to Book

Places on these courses are limited so, to secure your place, please contact our Bookings team on 0303 3000 118 Option 2 or email


Find out More

Find out more about the courses offered by Penny Brohn on their website

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