Medley: a new initiative

Medley is exploring music, art and nature’s impact on our wellbeing

Medley will look at art, music and nature’s role in everyday life, and also specifically at their impact on people facing a range of particular issues. These might be stroke, dementia, sight loss, hearing loss, disability, caring responsibilities, learning disabilities, mental health issues or many more.

Initially through a website, blog and forum, and hopefully subsequently through community sessions. Issues facing older people will be a focus.

They have three main aims:

  • To build awareness and evidence of nature, art and music’s impacts
  • To draw together a virtual community to share ideas and support
  • To create a programme of music performances, nature sessions and art demonstrations by local community groups and online or other virtual initiatives

Medley depends on your thoughts and ideas. They invite you to contribute and help build a community at

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