MARCH Network Awards First Round of Sandpit Funds

The MARCH Network has awarded its first round of funds to support research proposals on social, cultural and community assets and mental health.

Eight projects received funding, covering a range of community activities, from institutions around the country.

The projects that received funding were as follows:

Engagement and Evaluation in Social Prescribing for Mental Health:  how do we know we’re helping, and helping the right people?

This event will bring together researchers, healthcare professionals, providers, commissioners, funders and beneficiaries to identify priorities and proposals for both research and practice in social prescribing, and look at developing the evidence base on the effectiveness of social prescribing, and how to connect community programmes with those who need it most.


Investigators: Caroline Brett, Hannah Timpson, Tara Kidd (Liverpool John Moores University), Simon Abrams (Lead, Great Homer Street Surgery, Liverpool)

Funding: £2,381

The role of social prescribing in addressing the mental well-being of people diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment

This event will bring together individuals with mild cognitive impairment and their relatives, professional involved in their care, social prescribing providers, along with commissioners and researchers to develop research focused on social prescribing for those with mild cognitive impairment, to help them improve and maintain their mental health.


Investigators: Stephanie Tierney, Vanessa Raymont, Lucy Shaw, Amadea Turk, Shona Forster (University of Oxford)

Funding: £2,400

Digital Community Assets and Mental Health

This sandpit will bring together key stakeholders (including representatives from the third sector, the NHS, researchers and those with lived experience) to develop research proposals to investigate the role of digital platforms to promote and enhance engagement with community assets, and identify research priorities regarding how digital platforms are used and viewed in relation to community assets.


Investigator: Ian Tucker (University of East London)

Funding: £2,204

Singing and Mental Health

This sandpit event will bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers who are interested considering singing as a community asset in relation to mental health to develop new research and practice proposals.


Investigators: Dave Camlin (Royal College of Music), Phillipa Reive (Snape Maltings), Katherine Zeserson, (Harmony Associates)

Funding: £2,400

Perspectives on frontline arts participation for those with mental health needs

This sandpit event will aim to generate a discussion between those involved in theatre and the participatory arts and individuals with lived experience of mental health issues, about strategies to encourage community engagement with local theatres and arts organisations, whether as artists, volunteers or audience members.


Investigators: Lindsay Smith, Troy Tranah (IoPPN, King’s College London), Vikki Moorhouse (Imagining Futures)

Funding: £1,640

An exploration of how assets influence decision making and outcomes of Mental Health Tribunals/Managers’ hearings (AID-Mental Health)

This sandpit event for statutory and non-statutory organisations will explore how community assets are understood by members of Mental Health Tribunals, service users and carers, and how personalised community base interventions can support discharge and prevent re-admissions.


Investigators: Di Bailey, Verusca Calabria (Nottingham Trent University), Ada Hui (University of Nottingham)

Funding: £2,262

Nature Connectedness

This sandpit event for organisations with an interest in the natural environment and health and wellbeing will bring a range of stakeholders together to discuss the delivery and research of interventions designed to increase nature connectedness across a range of local and community greenspace contexts.


Investigators: Miles Richardson, Holli-Anne Passmore (University of Derby)

Funding: £1,600

Archeology and Veteran Mental Health & Wellbeing

This sandpit event will bring together a variety of stakeholders in the area of heritage and wellbeing, including veterans with mental health needs, to discuss emerging research on veteran-focused archaeology and the impact of these projects on participants.


Investigators: Karen Burnell (Solent University), Paul Everill (University of Winchester)

Funding: £2,400

Round 2

Details of the second round of Plus funding will be announced in early 2020.

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